Make a Giant Grapevine Basket - Easy Tutorial for Beginners!

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What You Need to Start

  • Grapevine (amount varies depending on size of desired basket)
  • Sharpened Hand Snips/Shears
  • Work/Gardening Gloves - (optional)
  • Tub/Basin of warm water

Basket Weaving Video Tutorial

Step 1: Create The Grid

Using 6 equal length vine pieces, piece together your grid in a criss-cross manner to get your basic framework for your basket established. Keep in mind, the length of the sticks determines the size of your basket. Note: You may need to pre-soak your vines ahead of time if they have been cut and started to dry out and become less flexible. I however was able to work with mine even though they had been cut for over a week.

Step 2: Start Weaving in the Center Box

In a spiral fashion, take a long, flexible, thinner piece of grapevine, and starting at the center cross section, going over and under alternately, make your way from the center cross section of the grid going outwards. 

Step 3: Keep Weaving Outwards

Continue the same spiral outward as you go outside of the main "box" of the frame, this is where the sides will start to develop. Keep pushing in your frame pieces to keep the original shape, as they will push out as you continue your spiral. 

Step 4: Build Up Your Basket Walls

Keep wrapping around and around and in the over-under alternating fashion. Push the frame upwards as your weave, to form the basket's walls. 

Step 5: Wrap & Fill

Keep adding more vines if your original strand runs out. Weave in alternating in the same fashion of under-over, to fill in any gaps.

Step 6: Bend Down Frame Ends

Take any of the original vine frame ends from the grid you started with, bend them over, and weave them into the top sides of the basket to form an edge. 

Step 7: Add a Handle

Find a nice thick portion of grapevine, and taking two strands, twist them together to make one handle. Tuck one end in one side of your baskets weave, and tuck the other straight across on the opposite side in the same way. 

You're done! It's ok if it doesn't look absolutely perfect, your basket's true beauty is found in its uniqueness and the fact that you made it yourself!

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