How to Make a Paper Bag Giant Star

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Getting Started

The great thing about making these paper bag stars is that you can use them all year long. It's not just a ornament for a specific holiday. A lot of people do make them around Christmas to make their homes more festive, but you can make these a year round feature!

They are SUPER EASY to make, I taught myself to make one after about 5 minutes and one horrific rough draft. Tip: Do not cut too low on your design -if you feel like coming up with your own style- so you don't cut the bottom part of the bag. It gets too messy when you do and everything sort of loses structure.

I did a super simple cut that I will share with you that looks pretty and very starry. Make a room full of these just as is without lights or you can either by some cheap battery operated short string lights to wrap around them or you can design yours around a corded bulb. Whatever fancy may strike you, go for it!

Step 1: 

Cut out a regular lunch paper bag into the following shape. Using the first cut out as a template, lay the cut bag onto 7 more paper bags, and one by one, cut out the same shape onto all bags until you have 8 total.

Step 2: 

You can either use regular glue or a glue gun to do the next step. I used regular Elmers glue which worked perfectly. The paper bags are pretty thin paper, so Elmers was definitely strong enough.

Step 3: 

Using your glue of choice, make a line down the middle of your bag from top to bottom on the smooth side of the bag without the bottom flap. Then another line along the bottom edge of the bag. 

Step 4: 

One by one, place your bags one on top of the other with the same glue on the smooth side only, with that same side facing up. When you are done gluing, the bottom flap side should be sandwiched between the layers. Allow to dry for several minutes.

Next, put the same glue markings on the top bag in your stack, on the smooth side just like the previous layers. Carefully unfolding your stack until it forms a 3D circle, press that newly glued applied side of that top layer, to the bottom side of your first bag on the very bottom of your stack. When you are done, you should have your star formed. You can either leave glued with clips to hold in place until dried, or use a couple of staples to hold firmly together. Let dry well.

Enjoy and create to your hearts content! Send me pics of what you make, I'd love to see them!

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