How to Make a Clothespin Christmas Ornament

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Getting Started

This is a SUPER EASY Christmas ornament craft to make this season! All you need are wooden clothespins that you can find at almost any dollar store.

Makes a great project to do with your kids too- my son loved making these with me this year, and I honestly think that with the plain wood they look very nice against the dark green branches of the Christmas tree. I made mine extra festive by adding some gold glitter.

Materials Needed:

  • Package of Wooden Clothespins - 8 clothespins per ornament
  • Elmer's Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
  • Glitter- optional

Step 1 

Grab one clothespin and start removing the metal spring. Taking one of the sides of the clothespin, twist off in a clockwise motion and the spring will be revealed and easy to remove from middle.

Step 2 

Once the spring is removed, glue with Elmer's or wood glue, the flat sides together, leaving the curvy sides facing outwards. 

Step 3 

When you have glued your two clothespin sides together, it should look like this. Make sure you carefully line up the pieces so they make a square hole when placed correctly.

Step 4 

Your 8 clothespins should look like this when they are all glued together.

Step 5 

Start warming up your glue gun and get ready to join your pieces into a beautiful snowflake arrangement!

Step 6

Once your hot glue gun is hot enough, glue 4 of your pieces together into a cross formation. 

Step 7 

Once you have your 4 pieces glued into a cross shape, take the remaining 4 pieces and get ready to glue them diagonally in the 90 degree spaces of your cross.

Step 8 

When they are glued properly, your ornament should look like this!

Step 9

Finish with glitter or whatever you desire!

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